me with flowers.jpg


Once you meet me, believe it or not I was the little girl who would swim in the creek, play Tom Sawyer, climb trees and catch minnows close to my childhood home. 

I can remember picking small yellow flowers and giving them to my mom with her replying "oh honey those are just weeds". They were indeed weeds, but still a beautiful flower to me.

I have one daughter and four sons. My two middle boys will pick a leaf, acorn, berry while we are outside; anything they see, and hand it to me. They always see me pointing out to them greens/berries/ any little special piece of nature that I can add to my arrangements. 

I've taught them to appreciate the natural beauty outside. 

Today, I get my inspiration from my own creative desire. I roam around outside and see what's blooming and then put together a flower combination in my head. I love naturally beautiful surroundings. I have a very eclectic style which is why designing many different combinations of styles/flowers/decor feeds my creative nature.

I often forage local greenery/vines/berries and mix with beautiful blooms, grown or bought. I love how the wilderness adds a natural and romantic touch to my flower arrangements.

Foraging has taught me so much about my local treasures that I find each season.